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A range of courses from learning traditional skills to children's workshops


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We are looking for guest teachers and for objects to dispay in the Garden Gallery - get in touch to find out more or join our mailing list to be kept up to date

Phoenix Glassworks is launching a Garden Gallery, an outdoor space for local artists to exhibit. Garden Gallery: The story so far...

We are holding a Studio & Shop open weekend on 6th - 9th April, 10am to 4pm.


Course 1:


Beginning Tuesday 4th September, weekly from 7pm to 9pm.


Option one - 5 week course. Learner will make one panel in clear glass from a pre-drawn cartoon (pattern)


Course cost - £100.00 this includes all materials


Option Two -  10 week course, Learner will make two panels the first in clear glass using a pre-drawn cartoon (pattern)the second in coloured glass, to learners own design.


Course cost - £180.00 this includes materials*


*  If you have a design you wish to make with specific colours (not held in stock) you will need to buy your own glass to complete your design.  Michael and Tina Wiley at Norfolk Stained Glass Company offer a very helpful friendly service: Norfolk Stained Glass Company, Park House, Shelton, Norwich, Norfolk  NR15 2SF  Telephone:  01508 532 385


Course 2:


A week-end course on the 4th-5th August. 


The course will run from 9.15am -5pm on Saturday, and 09.30am -5.00pm on Sunday.


On Saturday we will start at 9.15 with coffee, introductions, Health and Safety and the time table for the day . We will stop for lunch which will be provided.


After lunch, a short questions and answers session, before continuing with panels.


Tea and cake will be provided for a short break during the afternoon. We end the day with a short feedback session.


Course cost - £135.00 this includes materials, lunch and afternoon refreshments.



For more information please call on 01379 388 791 or email us.


If you would like to book on to either course please email us your details or send details with payment to Phoenix Glassworks, Oak Studio, Shingle Hill, Denham, Eye IP21 5EU.


Payment can be made in full or 50% deposit on booking and the balance at the beginning of course.